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Continuing Education

AICTE, ISTE, IISc. sponsored short term courses/Seminaras attended
Title of Course Period
Computers in Biomedical Engineering
for Engineering college teachers at P.E.S College of Engineering, Mandya,
Eleven weeks orientation course on "Optimum utilization of medical equipment in Hospital". 1996
Four week intensive course on Microprocessor(8085) and its application 1994
Intensive course on Programming languages(C, C++, Cybase) 1997
1.ISTE -AICTE sponsored Two weeks work shop on Bio medical Engieering at PESCE Mandya 1997
2. Modern Technology towards online Examination - AICTE Sponsored two days Seminar @ BIT, Bangalore 2004
3. Reforms in the Conduct of Examination Process - AICTE Sponsored two days Seminar @ VTU Belgaum 2004
4.VLSI confluence at BMSCE Bangalore, Sponsored by VTU-ISA-VLSI society of India 2006
5. VLSI - In Telecommunication, 1 week STTP training program, at E & C Dept. PES College of Engineering, Mandya 2008

  1. Worked on "Development of Speech Training System with Tactile and Visual Stimulation for Speech and Hearing Impaired.
  2. Successfully implemented the project on Telemedicine based on mobile. Project sanctioned by AICTE, NewDelhi. India (2004-2007).
  3. Successfully guided two candidates for M.Sc (Engg. By Research) and presently guiding 4 Ph.D students.