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Sponsored Projects

Project Title Project/Duration Amount Received Rs. Funding Agency Status (Completed/ In progress)
Electronics & communication Lab (MODROBS) 2 years 1984-86 10 Lakhs AICTE Completed
communication Lab (MODROBS) 2 years 1990-92 10 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Microprocessor Application Lab 2 years 1992-94 5 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Establishment of Fiber optic lab (TAPTEC) 3 years 1994-97 3 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Integrated Circuit lab (MODROB) 2 years 1996-97 5 Lakhs AICTE Completed
PC Based Modeling, Simulation and Image processing work station (TAPTEC) 3 years 1996-99 5 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Digital communication lab (MODROB) 2 years 1997-98 6 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Biosignal Processing and Instrumentation lab (TAPTEC) 2 years 1998-2000 9.1 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Telemedicine on 3G Mobile (RPS) 2 years 2004-2006 9.15 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Digital Signal Processing lab (MODROB) 2 years 1999-2000 6 Lakhs AICTE Completed
Acquisition & Characterization of EMG Signal for Human Machine Interface 2 years 2007-2009 12.91 Lakhs S & T Project Mission Completed
VLSI Design Laboratory 2010-12 20 Lakhs VGST, Govt of Karnataka Completed
Medical Image Analysis Laboratory 2013-14 20 Lakhs VGST, Govt of Karnataka Completed
A heuristic approach for design and develop of a prototype E nose to detect spoilage of milk and bread 2017-20 6 Lakhs SMYSM, VGST, Govt of Karnataka Ongoing