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Teaching Staff

Dr. H.P. Mohan Kumar
Prof. and HOD
Dr. M.N. Veena
CAS Professor
Sri. H.R. Divakar
Assistant Professor
Smt. K.M. Sowmyashree
Assistant Professor
Smt. H.L. Shilpa
Assistant Professor
Smt. B.M. Bhavya
Assistant Professor
Kum. B.P. Sowmya
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Non - Teaching Staff

Sl No. Name Designation Experience (Year's)
1 Kum. K.M. Ramyashree Computer Operator 12
2 Kum. H.J. sneha Computer Instructor 6
3 Sri H.C. Basavaraju Helper 13
4Smt. S.Geethamani Helper 7