Admission open for 2014-15

Courses Available.

Bachelor of Engineering 

1) Automobile Engineering

2) Civil Engineering

3) Computer Science & Engineering

4) Electronics and Communication Engineering

5) Electrical & Electronics Engineering

6) Industrial Production & Engineering

7) Information Science & Engineering

8) Mechanical Engineering

Master of Technology (M.Tech.)

1) Computer Aided Design of Structures

2) Computer Science & Engineering

3) Computer Engineering

4) Computer Integrated Manufacturing

5) Machine Design

6) VLSI Design & Embedded System

Master of Computer Application

Master of Business Administration


Faculties are well qualified and experienced

Professor - 02
Professor (CAS) - 06
Assistant Professors - 05
Lecturers - 08
Visiting Faculty's - 04

8 Doctorates & 8 PG’s

Faculties are qualified from reputed institutions like IIT, IISc, REC and NITs.


Robotics, Kinematics of mechanisms, Condition monitoring, CAD/CAM, Industrial Engineering and Management, Advanced Materials, Super finishing processes, Maintenance Engineering & Tribology, Thermal and fluid Engineering, Design of machine elements, Acoustic & noise control Engg.

Details of Teaching Staff

  • Assoc. Professor & Head:
    • Dr. C.J.Gangadhar gowda, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D, MISTE.,
  • Professors:
    • Dr. K.N.UMESH, B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D, FIE., MISTE.,
    • Dr. K.M.Ramakrishna, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D, MISTE.,
    • Dr. H.V.Ravindra, B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D, FIIPE, MISTE, FIE,
    • Dr. S.L.Ajit Prasad, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D., MISTE.,
    • Dr. Ramalingaiah , B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D., MISTE., MASI.,
    • Dr. H. P. Raju, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D., FIE, MISTE., MASI.,
    • Dr. T.Nagaraju, B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D.,MISTE.,
  • Assistant Professors:
    • B. Nagaraju, B.E., M. Tech., MISTE.,
    • P. Mohammad Rafi , B.E.,M.E., MISTE.,
    • Ghanaraja.S, B.E, M. Tech., MISTE.,
    • Rudresh Addamani, B.E, M. Tech.,
    • V. R. Devadath, B.E.,M.E., MIE., MISTE.
  • Lecturers:
    • K.J.Mahendra babu , B.E., MISTE.,
    • Ganapathy bawge, B.E., MISTE., (Deputation for M.Tech.)
    • Aravinda Kumar Bidri, B.E., MISTE.,
    • M.R. Srinivas, B.E.,
    • S.V. Anil Kumar, B.E., M. Tech
    • V.C. Chandrashekar, B.E, M.Tech.,
    • T.M. DeveGowda, B.E.,
    • Mohammad Rafi H Kerur. B.E, M. Tech
  • Visiting Faculty
    • G.C.Ramesh, B.E., M. Tech.,
    • C.K. Vikram, B.E., (M. Tech)
    • M.S. Ashok Kumar, B.E., M. Tech.,
    • K. S. Abinandan, B.E., M. Tech.,

Non Teaching Staff

  • Foreman:
    • Nagaraju
  • Instructors:
    • B.Satish Chandran (B.E.)
    • H.C. Chandrashekar D.M.E.
    • Hanumantha Shetty D.M.E.
  • Assistant Instructors:
    • M. Y. Manjesh,
    • J. Ramesh, D.M.E.
  • Mechanics:
    • Chandra
    • G.C Puttaswamy
    • A.M.Raju, M.A.
    • C. Nagaraju I.T.I.
    • H.S. Charan, I.T.I
    • Mallesh
  • Computer Operators:
    • K. Shivashantha, B.A. & P.G.D.C.A.
  • Helpers:
    • N. H. Channegowda
    • J. Boregowda
    • M.M.Mahesh
    • S.N.Vijay Kumar
    • Gopal Raju K
    • M. Shivakumar I.T.I
    • K.S Kalyan Kumar
    • Y.H. Nagaraju
    • Kendaiah Swamy
    • S.S. Varadaraju
    • M.Veerappa
    • K.N.Armugam
Details of faculty on Deputation for Higher Study
  • S. Ganaraj is being deputed for Ph.D to IIT Roorkee, 2007-2009
  • Ganapathy Bawge deputed for M.Tech at SJCE Mysore, 2009-10
Departmental faculty details:
Participation in:
  • External Sponsored projects - Yes
  • Consultancy - Yes
  • Continuing Education - Yes
  • Collaboration (Industrial/Institutional) - Yes
  • Students’ Projects - Yes
  • Students’ guidance: M.Tech /M.Sc/Ph.D - Yes
  • Invited Lectures (National/International) - Yes
  • Conferences/Seminars/Winter/Summer Schools organized - Yes
  • Conferences/Seminars/Winter/Summer Schools attended - Yes
  • Research Publications - Yes
  • Text Books/Monographs published: Dr. K.N.Umesh -A Primer on Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Coauthor, VTU Pub - Yes
  • Patents/Awards received: - No
  • Any Special recognition received by the Department: If yes, please provide details in each case - No
  • Any Financial Assistance for projects received by the Department? If yes, furnish the following - Yes
Details of Departmental faculty participating in Interdepartmental activities:
Name of Faculty Member Department in which participating Nature of Participation
Elective Courses Research Work Consultancy /Testing
Dr.H.P.Raju Industrial Production Engineering Guiding Ph.d programme of IP Faculty 
Dr.T.Nagaraju Automobile Engineering Guiding Ph.d
programme Automobile Faculty
Dr.H.V. Ravindra     Mysugar Co.Ltd
Sl. No Name of the Staff Member Responsibility
1 Dr. K.N. Umesh Dean (Academic)
2 Dr. H.V. Ravindra

Secretary, IIPC
Adm. Officer, PET Sports Complex,

PG Co-ordinator
3 Mr. P. Mohammad Rafi Workshop Superintendent
4 Dr. C.J. Gangadhara Gowda Custodian, Autonomous Examination Cell
5 Dr. S.L. Ajit prasad Chairman, Time Table Committee
6 Dr. H. P. Raju Chairman, Attendance Committee
7 Dr. T. Nagaraju Warden, PESCE Boy`s hostel
8 T.M. Devegowda MEA Secretary
9 S. V. Anil Kumar MEA Joint Secretary
Faculty members deputed for specialized training/higher studies.
Schemes No. of faculty members deputed during last three years
2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010
QIP /Study leave M. Tech Nil Nil 1
PhD One being deputed in 2006-07
Seminars/Workshops/ Conferences 02 18 05
Summer schools /Winter schools 02 02
Any others Sri.V.R.Devdatha is doing Ph.D in PET Research Centre
Innovative Practices, if any
Any other innovative practice introduced to improve the quality of technical education in the Department.
  • Use of projection systems and PPT’s in the classrooms
  • Use of models and charts
  • Students Feed back through Teachers Evaluation
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Technical talks
Continuing Education
  • Sri.V.R.Devadath
    • Registered for Ph.D under VTU in 2004
    • Guide Dr.H.P.Raju Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department, PESCE Mandya.
    • The research topic is Investigation into the extrusion Honing Process Performance.
    • Requisite course work and comprehensive viva completed.
  • Sri.Ghanaraja.
    • He has been selected for Ph.D Program under QIP in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering for the year 2006-2007 final admission 2007-2008. He has completed 60 days of contact program in two visits.
  • Sri Ganapathy Bawge
    • He has been deputed to M.Tech at SJCE, Mysore.

Faculty Details

Name Designation Qualification Preview
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